Fun Facts About Cannabis Cultivation: Marijuana Growers Need to Save Energy Too!

Marijuana is slowly being legalized in States across the country, and this means that dispensaries are starting to show up in greater numbers. This growth in dispensaries means that cultivation facilities have had to start increasing production. Cultivating Marijuana is an energy intensive operation; each marijuana plant consumes more energy than seven refrigerators, and each cultivation facility may contain up to 400 plants.

Most Marijuana cultivators have had to deal with rising utility costs, and use many of the same methods that homeowners can use at home to reduce their own bills. Let’s take a look at the three top energy savers:

Upgrade To LED

Marijuana is a plant, and it requires a lot of light to grow. Older lights take a lot of energy when compared to energy efficient LEDs, and they do the same thing!

Pay Attention To Energy Use During The Day

As a homeowner, a simple habit like turning off lights throughout your home and making certain the heater is off when you leave the house all add up. Most cultivation facilities schedule a lights-off period during the time that utilities charge the most for electricity—usually between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m.

Use A Fan Instead Of AC

During the summer, homeowners can save energy by using an electric fan: making sure it turns counter clockwise so it pushes the air down, creating a wind-chill like effect. When cultivation facilities to cut back on the heat from all the lights needed to help the plants grow, they use outside air fed through Economizers to keep the climate controlled and comfortable.

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