LED Bulbs Are The Next Big Thing

CFLs, or Compact Fluorescent Bulbs, were once the choice of consumers who wanted to ‘go green’ and reduce their electrical bills. By removing the filament and depending on argon and mercury, CFLs use 70% less energy than incandescent bulbs and quickly became of favorite of energy-conscious consumers (source).

But the tides are turning once again, and LEDs are becoming a more popular choice for energy savvy shoppers. The recent developments in lower prices, energy star ratings, and capabilities have led to twice the number of consumers choosing LEDs for their lighting needs (source).

This isn’t surprising, as LEDs are easy to use and extremely versatile. They can be used for outdoor decorative lighting, Christmas tree lights, pool and spa lighting, as well as basic lighting for your house. Cool to the touch and energy efficient, it’s no wonder that LEDs are the next big thing!


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