A Rocker Switch Can Help Defeat A ‘Phantom Load’

A “phantom load” is the energy used by a device even when it’s turned off, because it’s left plugged into an outlet. Generally, people have appliances on the countertops, such as toasters, that they may leave plugged in out of convenience. Personal electronic devices, such as iPads, cell phones, or eBook readers are sometimes plugged in for charging, and oftentimes left plugged in until they’re needed. Even though all of these items are not being actively used, they’re still drawing energy, and adding to your electric bill.

A rocker switch helps curtail this extra expense by allowing the homeowner to leave their devices plugged in, but turn the connection off to the outlet with a simple press of a button. A rocker switch is a type of switch that breaks or connects the electrical circuit by ‘rocking’ in one direction to break the circuit, and the other direction to connect the circuit.

According to Cornell University and The Daily Green, phantom loads can cost the average homeowner $200 per year (source). With an average price for an independent rocker switch between $2 – $5 each, this small investment can add up to big savings!


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