Not Ready To Go Hybrid or Fully Electric? High MPG Is The Way To Go

Many people may be under the impression that if they’re looking to buy a new car, and want to save money on gas, that they need to buy an electric or a hybrid vehicle. There may be plenty of reasons that someone isn’t ready to go this route, but it doesn’t mean they can’t save on gas, and reduce carbon emissions! Thanks to federal mandates, fuel economy is rising in new cars due to lighter materials and technologies that improve an engine’s efficiency. This includes improvements in direct fuel injection, turbocharging, and advanced automatic transmissions. (source)

When it comes to new cars, especially in the small car and commuter categories, 40 (mpg) is the new 30! If you take the time to research carefully, and talk to your local car dealers, you’ll find internal combustion engine vehicles get better gas mileage than ever before.


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