TVs: Repair or Replace?

When is it time to replace a TV? Here are a few facts to clear up any confusion.

Repair costs average $250 and above. A recent posting shows Best Buy TV repair prices in June 2014 ranging from $275 for power cords to over $1000 for screen repairs. A local repair shop might be slightly cheaper, but a reasonable estimate is that any repair will cost $250 or more.

TVs last 5 – 7 years. As with most electronics, it’s not worth repairing TVs that are more than four to five years old; their remaining service life is too short.

Save $50 per year or more from the energy savings of a new TV. The new models are simply much more energy efficient than those on the market just a few years ago.

New TVs cost much less than they used to. Expect to pay less than $300 for a smaller TV (32” or less), and up to $800 for a 50 – 60” TV. With such low purchase prices, repairs are less sensible.

The bottom line: If your TV is more than four years old, buy a new one, don’t repair. If it is less than four years old and less than 60”, buy a new one. Check out a repair for only the largest screens.


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