Clothes Dryer: Repair or Replace?

Dryers are a sturdy product that hold up well with repairs, and Consumer Reports finds that most of its surveyed members are satisfied with their dryer repairs. And, the best way to cut down on dryer energy use is to buy a new washing machine — one with a powerful spin cycle.

The spin stage in the wash cycle removes a lot of the moisture in the clothes, which lowers the burden on the dryer. The better the washer’s spin cycle, the less energy the dryer needs to finish the job.

A dryer’s moisture sensors also provide savings. A recent study shows that using the sensor saves 25% per load (an average of $55 per year) by preventing clothes from “baking” via a timed dry cycle.

Here’s a simple guide to deciding how to get the most out of your dryer:

REPAIR: If your dryer is under 12 years old, and the repair is $350 or less.

REPLACE: If your dryer lacks moisture sensors, or if the repair is $350 or more.


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