Clothes Dryer: Convert to Gas?

This question comes up frequently, and the answer is clear-cut: No.

Once a gas dryer is in place, it will save about $50 per year in energy costs over an electric model. However, it typically costs $100 to $150 more to buy a gas dryer.

If you have a gas line, the payback period for switching to gas is typically 2 – 3 years. However, the payback quickly disappears if you have to hire a contractor to run a gas line or adjust its placement.

One argument often given for a natural gas dryer is: “natural gas is a cleaner fuel than electricity.” But in California and the Pacific Northwest, electricity is the cleaner fuel, due to lots of hydro power.

In other regions, using natural gas in your dryer only reduces CO2 emissions by 20 – 30 pounds per year. There are plenty of more cost-effective environmentally friendly decisions you can make around your home.

Finally, the home value won’t increase with a conversion to a gas dryer. Another technology, ventless electric dryers, can be put anywhere in the home; anywhere there is a 120-volt outlet. That convenience is hard to beat, so a fixed natural gas line to a dryer does not add to a home value.


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