Which Light Bulb?

In just a few short years, the world of lighting has changed. LEDs are now the bulb of choice. Here’s why;

A few years ago, light bulbs were never the topic of conversation. Then, the advice was to buy CFLs (those bulbs with the swirl). But technology has moved forward quickly, and now there are better products on the market. Here’s the scoop:

What happened to the old standard bulbs? You know, the warm white rounded bulb that simply screwed into the fixture? Well, Congress passed a law in 2007 that had a phased-in implementation. Since 2014, it has been illegal to sell incandescent bulbs, our old high-energy-use friend.

CFLs, aka Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs. CFLs use less energy than a standard bulb. But they have a shorter lifespan than LEDs and have disposal issues because they contain mercury. If a CFL breaks, keep kids and pets away. Do not let your skin touch any of the fragments. To avoid all of this, buy LEDs.

Efficient Halogen Bulbs: An important upgrade in halogen bulb technology does save energy. But you’re better off investing in LEDs. They fit the fixture, will last longer and keep their color. (Halogens color shift over time)

LED Bulbs: LEDs use about 10% of the energy of a standard bulb, cost $4 – $8 per each and will last for decades. With many style options, there is an LED for almost every fixture. Take a look at the chart below to see how LEDs compare, and why they’re our bulb of choice.

Light Bulb Chart


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