Low-Flow Showerheads: A Product Guide

With showers accounting for nearly 30% of a household’s total water consumption, upgrading your showerheads to low-flow models will reward you with instant water and energy savings. Low-flow models are manufactured to provide you with a satisfying shower while reducing your water consumption at the same time!

When deciding what low-flow showerhead model to purchase, several factors must be considered to fit your individual needs. Fixed showerheads are mounted in place; hand-held showerheads can be left in their holder or removed to focus the spray. Wide, round showerheads provide a soft, soothing flow while other showerheads have an adjustable jet, massage, or mist settings.

Use our low-flow showerhead product guide to discover which features are important to you before you make your purchase.

Fixed Showerheads – One Spray Pattern

Fixed showerheads are mounted as a permanent fixture to the shower wall or ceiling. Finding the right low-flow showerhead with a single spray pattern is the simplest, efficient, and effective way to reduce your indoor water consumption.


High SierraHigh Sierra 1.5 GPM High-Efficiency Low-Flow Showerhead

With positive reviews, High Sierra’s 1.5 GPM showerheads are the newest and most innovative high-efficiency shower heads available. The showerhead emits a strong, satisfying spray that will not clog. The patented nozzle delivers one full spray of large drops.


NiagaraBi-Max 1-Spray 1½ in. Dual Flow Fixed Showerhead

The Bi-Max showerhead features a unique two flow rate technology, allowing you to adjust the flow rate between 1.0 and 1.5 GPM. The easy grip turn-dial allows for effortless flow rate selection. There is one steady, needle spray with a large spray diameter that enhances the shower experience while saving water. With the pulsating spray pattern, residue build-up from hard water and minerals is prevented.


Evolve RoadrunnerEvolve Roadrunner II Showerhead

The Roadrunner II is designed to make you feel like you are not saving one gallon of water per minute. With a flow rate of 1.5 GPM, the showerhead has 54 nozzles for maximum coverage, creating a powerful spray pattern. The pressure compensating flow regulation provides a satisfying shower even in homes with lower water pressure.

Fixed Showerheads – Multiple Spray Patterns

Fixed showerheads are constructed and mounted to allow for all heights so that short or tall people can comfortably use the same shower. To increase your showering comfort level, selecting a low-flow showerhead with multiple spray patterns is the way to go, and everyone will be pleased!


Niagara Earth MassageNiagara Earth Massage 1.25 GPM Low Flow Showerhead

The low flow rate of Niagara’s Earth Showerhead saves money by using 75% less water than traditional low-flow showerheads on the market, and the price is great! The showerhead has an adjustable 9-jet turbo massage with a consistent flow rate regardless of your household’s water pressure. With features like non-aerated spray and self-cleaning, this showerhead is maintenance free!


American Standard FlowiseAmerican Standard Flowise 3 Function Water-Saving Showerhead

The FloWise 3 uses less water and energy without sacrificing performance and comfort. With three functions that range from 1.5 to 2 GPM, you can choose your water savings among a turbine, full, or combination spray. A fully adjustable spray angle adapts to your individual height and body position.

Hand-Held Showerheads

Hand-held showerheads offer the same efficient features as fixed showerheads, but with an added convenience. Hand-held showerheads are ideal for people with injuries, limited mobility, children, and pets, and they make cleaning the shower or tub a breeze!


Delta FaucetDelta Faucet Universal Showering Components 7-Spray Handshower

The 7-Spray 2.0 GPM Handshower offers seven spray and massage settings, ranging from wide, full spray to massage spray to energy saving to trickle – there’s bound to be something for everyone! There is an easy-turn spray dial for setting selection. The shower arm mount has a 6 foot tangle-free flexible hose that adds flexibility and functionality and the ergonomic, non-slip handle provides comfort and convenience.


Niagara Hand HeldNiagara Earth Massage Hand-Held

The hand-held showerhead contains a 6 foot tangle-free hose and mounting bracket that are easy to install by hand. With a non-aerated stream, the showerhead experiences less temperature loss and maximum energy savings. The 9-jet adjustable turbo massage adjusts easily and provides a consistent flow rate even in homes with lower water pressure.


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