Lighting: Habits and Bulbs

When it comes to lighting, there are two ways to save: better habits and better bulbs. Do both to get immediate results.

The average U.S. home has more than 40 light bulb sockets. The electricity cost of lighting is several hundred dollars per year. Lighting is one of the easiest ways to save energy, and the money saved adds up quickly.

To get started, review your habits. Keep an eye out for ways to reduce lighting use.

1. Outdoor lighting: What is on and when? Can the hours of use be reduced?

2. Indoor lighting: Are lights on during the day? Are they needed?

3. Indoor lighting: How many lights are on from 6pm to midnight? Too many?

4. Indoor lighting: Can any bulbs be removed from some of your fixtures?

Next, consider your bulbs. The familiar incandescent bulb is woefully out of date. In fact, it’s currently no longer sold (it’s the law). For years, the best advice was to buy CFL bulbs. Now LEDs are the best bet. The price of LED bulbs is plummeting, and they are easier to use and dispose of.

Ready for a change? Keep it simple. Identify the ten most-used bulbs in your home, and replace them immediately with LEDs. Wait a few months, and then repeat for the next 10. Finally, as the remaining standard bulbs fail, replace them too.

Save $10 per year per bulb by switching to LED. The savings are so large; there’s no reason to wait.


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