Light Bulbs: A Shopping Guide

It’s baffling to stand in front of the light bulb aisle at the local store. Too many choices! Here’s how to buy the right bulb in three simple steps.

Light bulbs were once an easy, no-thought purchase. But too many pieces of advice, and too many in-store product options have made light bulb shopping confusing.

Good news! LED light bulbs are now the best-in-class bulb, and this handy guide will make light bulb shopping easy again.

Plus, LED light bulbs is one of the easiest ways to rack up energy savings: $10 of savings per year for each bulb you replace.

(Want to learn why we’re focused on LEDs? Read more here.)

Here how’s to shop in three steps.

1. Look at LED bulbs, ignore the rest.

2. Select the bulb type you want from the chart below.

Types of Bulbs

3. Now that you have the bulb type, choose the lighting color you want.
color of bulbs

Happy shopping!


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