What’s The Best Way To Buy?

KateDear Kate,
We’re thinking about solar for our home, and possibly an electric car sometime in the future. Seems pretty cool to be energy independent!

What’s better for us? Buy big now, in preparation fo the car? Or wait until we get the car and then add on to our system?

How Big?

Dear How Big,
Glad to hear you’re thinking ahead! a solar/electric car combo can be a real win.

Here’s the trade-off: Buy big now and you’re putting money on your roof, with no benefit to you. Add later, and you might not get all the tax and rebate benefits, as those keep changing.

Consider buying your solar system using a solar lease or purchase power agreement. For both of these types of contracts, the installer retains ownership, and they can better navigate the tax incentives.

If the car purchase is down the road (pun intended!) than a two-stage install might be best. But who knows? The installer may give you a discount if you do the two stages all at once.


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