Don’t Be Scared Of Energy Vampires!

Ask Kate

Dear Kate,
What are energy vampires? Sounds scary, but I hear that a lot.
An Energy Horror Story?

Dear Horror Story,
Look around your kitchen or living room. See all those little green or red dot lights showing the appliance or gadget is on, ready for you to use? These are the energy vampires. They suck energy, even when asleep!

Energy vampires are one of the fastest growing components of home energy bills, so do the Vampire Elimination Tour: Walk around your house. What can be unplugged? How many gadgets can be plugged in just before you use it?

Stay on top of your vampires and watch your electricity bill go down.


Dear Kate,
How much energy do you think I can really save from habit changes?

Dear Skeptical,
I hate to say it because it sounds unpatriotic, but frankly, Americans waste a lot of energy. Studies show that 50% of the energy that is delivered to the home via electricity wires or natural gas lines is wasted. For example, how many times have you had lights on in a room with no one in it? That’s waste!

So, we find that 10% savings from habit changes is not hard to achieve. Many of our customers actually save 20% or more each month. Sometimes, visitors come or there is a heat wave, but 10 – 20% average savings over a year is really doable.

Time to get started!


Do you have a question for Kate? Email her at And yes, there is a real Kate. She has helped hundreds of consumers save energy the easy way – through habits and low cost changes. Everyone saves after Kate’s home visit, even the greenest of homes. She’s that good!


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