Ride Your Bike To Save Energy!

Ride A BikeMost people would agree that riding a bicycle is good for you. However, riding a bicycle is not only good for your health, but the health of the planet and the health of your pocketbook! By choosing to ride a bicycle instead of taking your car for small errands that are close to your home, you’re making a bigger impact than you may realize. You’re saving money, saving the planet, and saving yourself!

You save money because you’re not putting miles or wear on your car, lessening the amount of maintenance you’ll need to do over time. You’re also not using any gas, which is the biggest money saving plus of all.

You’re saving the planet because while you’re riding a bicycle, you aren’t producing any harmful emissions. If you choose to ride your bicycle to work daily, you’re cutting your household emissions by 6% every year. In addition, you’re saving the forest, as less rubber is used to make tires for bicycles than for cars. Usually, entire sections of forests need to be cleared to cultivate rubber plantations,

You’re saving yourself. You’re reducing your stress levels by not commuting while also exercising, increasing your lung capacity and more than likely losing extraneous weight. Also, over 33,000 people were killed in automobile accidents last year, compared to 667 people on bicycles.

There’s no reason not to give it a try. If you’ve been thinking about bike commuting or using your bicycle to run errands on the weekend, I strongly suggest you give it a try. It’s good for you, good for the environment, and great for your pocketbook.


WattzOn Labs is always innovating ways to engage people to save water and energy. It showcases the WattzOn products under the WattzOn Labs private-label. We don’t market these products, but use this small-scale direct-to-consumer experience to constantly evolve and learn. Then we apply the findings to the rich, private-label products used by all our customers at WattzOn.