What’s A Heat Pump?!

Ask KateDear Kate,
Sales guys are knocking on my door trying to sell me on switching from my oil furnace to some electric technology called heat pumps. They say I can save a lot of money.

What are your thoughts? I live in New England and I don’t want to freeze because I made the wrong choice.
Tired of Sales Guys

Dear Tired,
Thank goodness I live on the second floor and sales guys are too lazy to climb the stairs!

You may be surprised, but those sales guys are right. If you have an oil furnace, it’s time to switch. And heat pumps are a very efficient choice. A recent study showed that heat pumps can save 40% per year on heating costs over an oil furnace in New England. With cold winters, savings can be over $1000 per year.

My advice? In this case, listen to the sales guy.


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