How To Know If You’re Saving Energy

Ask Kate

Dear Kate,
How can I tell if my energy use is high or low? I really don’t even know what normal is.

Dear Clueless,
Comparing your home to similar homes is a great way to understand your energy use. Some utilities offer this as an online service. You can also use the “How Do I Compare” tool at Each home is compared to other similar homes in the same zip code.

What’s great about our tool is that the comparisons are to real homes. So when it states the low use of an energy efficient home, you know that if they can do it, so can you!


Dear Kate,
I’m thinking about getting a new dishwasher. Will it save me a lot of energy?

Dirty Dishes

Dear Dishes,
Dishwashers are not the biggest energy user in our homes. But if you are doing 5 – 7 loads per week, you’ll notice the energy savings from a new model. Look for products that qualify for the Energy Star logo. Also look for energy-saving features that allow you to cut the air dry time.

Happy clean dishes,


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