Lights, Showerheads, And Saving Money. Oh My!

Ask Kate
Dear Kate,
My kids leave a lot of lights on. I try to run around and turn them off, but usually they go to school with 3 to 4 still burning energy. Any ideas?
Tired of Nagging about Lights

Dear Tired,
I’ve been in your shoes, and it can be tough to get everyone on board with a habit change. A low-tech solution is the simple post-it-note. Post bright-colored notes on the light switch, and reward the family if the monthly electricity bill goes down. Pizza anyone?

Another solution is occupancy sensors. These turn the lights off automatically when no one is in the room. They are a simple installation so you can do it or hire a handyman.

Lights are a big energy user in the home, and staying on top of the situation will save you money.


Dear Kate,
What’s the scoop on low-flow showerheads? I feel like we should get one, but I don’t want to feel like I live in a cheap motel. Do they really work?

Don’t Take Away My Shower!

Dear Shower,Kate With A Toolbox
I played a trick on my family about three years ago: I changed out all the high-flow

showerheads to low-flow and no one noticed! Not even my teen-aged daughter with the long hair! So, indeed, there are good low-flow showerhead products. Give us a call and we can recommend some.

And, getting a low-flow showerhead is one of the easiest ways to lower your energy bill. You’ll see the results.


Do you have a question for Kate? Email her at And yes, there is a real Kate. She has helped hundreds of consumers save energy the easy way – through habits and low cost changes. Everyone saves after Kate’s home visit, even the greenest of homes. She’s that good!


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