Surprise! Connected Devices Waste A Lot of Energy

There are hidden energy hogs in your home, and they have nothing to do with your thermostat. Your connected devices (wi-fi enabled electronics that connect to the internet) are consuming energy at an alarming rate, and their appetite is growing.

According to a recent report by the International Energy Agency, our connected devices, such as TVs, set-top boxes and game consoles, waste a lot of energy – 400 terawatt-hours last year to be exact. That’s the equivalent power output of 133 mid-size coal plants! And, alarmingly, 80% of their electricity draw is used to maintain an internet connection, regardless of being in standby or sleep mode.

While this is a big problem, there is luckily an easy and immediate fix: turn off your devices when not in use. As we say in our book, The WattzOn Guide to Energy Savings, you can use a simple power strip to turn off many units at once. This works well for the many video game devices, that surround the modern TV, or for printers and speakers in a home office.

Reports like this have a big wow factor, but also serve as a reminder that building good habits go a long way towards reducing energy waste. To learn more about home energy use and WattzOn’s energy management tips, check out our book The WattzOn Guide to Energy Savings.


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