Let Kate Shed Some Light On It…

KateDear Kate,

I really hate CFLs. These light bulbs just look ugly and their light is harsh.
Yet, everyone says they save energy. Do they really work? What else can I do?



Dear Burnt,
You are not the first to complain about CFL light bulbs. But their energy savings make it worth a second look. New CFLs look better and last longer.

Other ways to save on lighting are to take out extra bulbs – is every single one needed??- and to use dimmer switches.

Lighting is a big energy use in the home, so these changes are very “illuminating”. Get it?


Dear Kate,
My husband loves football and wants to get an even bigger TV. I read somewhere that bigger TVs use more energy. Seems like this will cost too much and drive up our electricity bills.

Stuck on the 50-Yard Line

Dear Stuck,
Let’s get you a touchdown!! New TVs use a lot less energy than older models, so you can avoid bigger energy bills. Stay away from plasma screens, they are a bit of an energy hog.

Your local utility may even offer a rebate, if you get an Energy Star model. Check out your rebates at www.wattzon.com/rebates.



Do you have a question for Kate? Email her at askkate@wattzon.com. And yes, there is a real Kate. She has helped hundreds of consumers save energy the easy way – through habits and low cost changes. Everyone saves after Kate’s home visit, even the greenest of homes. She’s that good!


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