Climate Change, Recalculated

On January 16, 2009, I gave a talk at the Long Now Foundation — hosted by Stewart Brand, this was a long discussion that placed our personal lifestyles in the context of climate change and global energy production.  A lot of people have requested the slides,

The discussion after the talk was great.  As usual, people are really, really hoping for some fantastic technology fix.  While we may all hope for an incredible new technology to come along, we need to plan with the technologies we know exist today (and their predictable/foreseeable iterations).  I think this is important; so we don’t use the hope of a new technology as an excuse for delay.  We know pretty well what massive solar and wind installations would look like — let’s focus on bringing them up to the scale of terawatts of power rather than waiting for a magically better solution.

Longnow 16 Jan 09

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