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We have a new user here at WattzOn to help us celebrate the newly added support for international government data!  Let’s all give Mr. James Bond a warm welcome to the community!

Although there are numerous books and movies featuring James Bond, it would be insane to try to piece together a consistent lifestyle from all these sources.  So, let’s estimate his entire profile based on the actions of this film and this film only.


If you haven’t seen Quantum of Solace yet, please read no further – important plot points will be divulged in the name of power estimation!


Mr. Bond, an elite agent of MI6, is from the United Kingdom.  Easy.


Here is an accounting of the numerous flights James Bond takes during the film – and an estimate of the number of corresponding short, medium, and long range flights based on current commercial airline availability.

Estimated Flights
Begin End Short Range Medium Range Long Range
Siena, Italy London, England 1 1
London, England Port Au Prince, Haiti 1 1
Port Au Prince, Haiti Bregenz, Austria 1
Tuscany, Italy La Paz, Bolivia 1 1 1
Bolivian Desert Aerial dogfight/the ground 1
La Paz, Bolivia London, England 1 1
London, England Kazan, Russia 1 1
Total 4 4 5

In general, the estimate of flying watts is low since the calculation assumes full commercial flights when at least two of his flights (the chartered flight to Austria and the dogfight) were with only a handful of passengers.

But, this represents just a few days in the adventurous life of James Bond. Let’s assume that he has epic escapades like this every two weeks (the plot of this movie does pick up just 1 hour after the end of Casino Royale) – that would mean a year of his life would include:

  • 104 short-range flights
  • 104 medium-range flights
  • 130 long-range flight

Second spoiler alert – this will end up being Bond’s largest power expenditure – by far.


Calling a violent car chase “commuting” might be a bit of an understatement, but let’s take a look at Bond’s driving during the film.  This section requires a lot of guesswork given that the location of the desert in Bolivia was never specified (the shooting location was actually in Chile) and some of the transportation can only be assumed based on his change of locations.

As for driving a car, he drove an estimated 1,000 miles at an average MPG of 18:

La Garda, ItalySiena, ItalyAston Martin200

Begin End Vehicle Miles
La Paz, Bolivia Airstrip, Bolivia Land Rover 200
La Paz, Bolivia “Desert”, Bolivia ?? 300
“Desert”, Bolivia La Paz, Bolivia ?? 300
Total 1000

We’ll assume Bond magically transported himself from Austria to Italy sans passport and money by way of a train (why not?). Bond also did take a rickety bus from the desert of Bolivia back to the city for 300 miles. Let’s then divide everything by 2 to account for the assumption that the movie takes place over the course of 2 weeks.


It doesn’t appear that Bond owns a house, per se. But, he does seem to have a preference for staying in luxury hotels. Let’s assume that he spends half of his nights in hotels (with a, uh, “lady friend”). Given data included in this book regarding the average energy usage of luxury hotels, we can assume that his two person “home” uses 894 kWh and 5,658,333 BTU per month.


Mr. Bond is not shown ingesting anything that wasn’t alcoholic at any point during the movie. Given his beefcake physique, he must eat something off screen, but it’s hard to say what that would be. Let’s put his diet down as average – but, of course, max out his alcohol consumption to account for all those vodka martinis.


After deleting the majority of the standard items on the Stuff page, let’s add the few possessions Bond is shown with in the film:

  • Aston Martin DBS V12
  • Omega Wristwatch
  • Handgun
  • Submachine Gun
  • Suits
  • Mobile Phone
  • Shoes

Not surprisingly, most of these items did not yet exist in the EED.  But, after creating those and adding them all – James Bond’s profile is completed!


83,765 watts?!

As you can see from his pie, flying represents nearly 85% of his power profile.  Next on the list is his extensive driving in low efficiency SUVs and sports cars.  In total, he is nearly 12 times more power intensive than the average WattzOn user.  We should probably all be grateful that he exists only in fiction.


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