Live Where it’s Dark

Plot of each country's wattsWe mentioned it in a tweet, but we now have support for over 220 countries and territories in your WattzOn profile builder!

Now that we have all that data in there for manipulation, we can make images like the one you see on the left. The picture is a first draft, but we’ve taken our data (you can find it described on the government help page) and computed each government’s contribution of watts to it people. The lighter the country, the more power it’s government is using on behalf of its people (“the more light bulbs it has on”); the darker the country, the less its government is using on behalf of its people.

If you’re shopping for a new country on that basis, we can recommend Cambodia, Chad, Afghanistan, Niger, Ethiopia, Burundi, Uganda, the Central African Republic, Rwanda, and Burkina Faso. Another way to think about it, any country that hosted a Survivor season is also probably a good one.


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