Track our Stuff

Today we’re happy to say that we’ve launched two new features: an Atom feed for newly created “stuff” and histories for things in the Embodied Energy Database.  The Atom feed is really useful – when somebody creates something new, then its blasted out through this feed.  In it, you’ll find an “Add this to my stuff” link.  Just click it if somebody creates something that you know you have too and it will be added to your stuff profile page (and, its a pretty nifty way to discover new WattzOn users too as we have a link to public profile pages in the feed).

Check out the history page for the iPhone.  You can see that I tweaked the description a bit (or – I took it from the Wikipedia iPhone page), and, just to be more precise, I removed the 3G and GPS tags from the device.  I figured, looking at the mass that was created on it, that it deserved to be specifically the first generation phone.  And, I figured I would up the expected lifespan from 1 year to 2 years.


WattzOn Labs is always innovating ways to engage people to save water and energy. It showcases the WattzOn products under the WattzOn Labs private-label. We don’t market these products, but use this small-scale direct-to-consumer experience to constantly evolve and learn. Then we apply the findings to the rich, private-label products used by all our customers at WattzOn.