Social Calculators Work

Fundamentally, we’re trying to build a calculator that gets better and better — we’re relying on the crowds to do it: to argue when they disagree about numbers, to fix numbers when they have mistakes, and to manipulate all the data in the system. Our principal feeling is we can’t make progress without the numbers to understand whether we are winning or losing the battle. And we don’t believe any one person has those numbers yet.

For those academically inclined, here’s a great paper (PDF, 151KB) from the Environmental Change Institute that agrees with us (even if they are focused on carbon):

The availability of social networking through carbon calculators could give all sorts of opportunity for data sharing, comparison, grouping, competition, and support.  As many of the social networking tools … are demonstrating, people gravitate towards these interactive experiences and enjoy being able to identify, connect and network with likeminded people.


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